Contrary to popular belief, Aspen is not just a ski resort. It is actually a really popular travel destination in Colorado during the duration of the entire year. You can enjoy the same high-quality vacation rentals in Aspen during summer but the atmosphere does change as you are faced with green mountains as opposed to white wonderlands.

People that decide to visit Aspen during summer can enjoy numerous dynamic hiking adventures and some enchanting mine tours. These are just two quick examples of what to expect. You can easily combine leisure and excitement for an unexpected vacation that you are going to remember.

Most people do not actually know much about the summer paradise that is Aspen. They are only aware of the world-class skiing experience available. Because of this, we should talk about some of the top things that you can do in Aspen during summer. Just keep in mind that those mentioned are a very small fraction of what is currently available.

Independence Pass Views

Independence Pass sits at an altitude of 12,000 feet and is among the greatest natural attractions that Aspen has to offer. You are going to enjoy truly unparalleled sights and you will understand why Colorado is often considered as being the most beautiful part of the entire country. Independence Pass is bordered by the Twin Lakes and Aspen. It was created because of glacial movement and was refined by water and wind erosion.

When you visit during summer you can easily visit for some unrivaled weather and sights. Mount Elbert can be seen when you look towards East and you can find yourself right among history and wildlife. Independence Pass is truly one of the best places to visit when traveling to Aspen during summertime.

Maroon Peak Trail Hiking

Maroon Peak Trail perfectly combines natural majesty with recreation. It is 11.3 miles long and takes you through perfect Colorado scenery. This trail is well-defined and quite popular during summers. In fact, this is when the trail really becomes alive with hikers and walkers that look for some sunshine relaxation.

This path will take you round a beautiful lake that is perfect if you enjoy bird watching thanks to the presence of numerous fowl. You can take your dog with you on the trail but you have to always use a leash. Basically, Maroon Peak Trail is something you want to be a part of if you want to experience true Aspen wilderness.

Visit The Smuggler Mine

If you are interested in more adventure, Aspen has you covered. This Smuggler Mine visit is something you should consider. You will feel adrenaline pumping during your visit. The mine is right inside Smuggler Mountain and is one of the few authentic mines that remain standing in the northern Aspen area.

What is particularly interesting is that Smuggler Mine is operational. It is now the oldest Aspen silver mine that is still functioning. You will see it featured on Canada’s National Register of Historic Places and stands out as a staple of history. If you want to see how the interior of an authentic silver mine looks like, this is the one to visit. A tour is available but you can also just explore the exterior since even that is impressive.

Collegiate Peaks Climb

Collegiate Peaks offer a great Colorado hiking experience. It was named after the main Ivy League University in the country and the peaks are collectively named. They are identified through monikers like Mount Oxford, Mount Yale and Mount Harvard. Extensive summits are boasting really high treelines but you can also experience a very intricate backcountry region. During the summer months everything is very easy to explore. There are local roads that let you visit most of the mountains so exploration is much easier than you would expect. You are also really close to towns so you do not have to prepare for a long hiking experience. When planning a trip, seriously consider Lake Anne Trail.

Visit The Baldwin Gallery

Aspen indoors is also to be considered during summer visits. Baldwin Gallery is a clear example why. This museum is a staple of the entire state and stands out as iconic because of the numerous international and local art that is present. The exhibits are constantly-changing so make sure that you check what is on display before your visit. Various artists are basically presented under the same roof. Examples include Bryan Hunt (sculptor), Jennifer Bartlett (painter) and video works from modern artists.

Crater Lake Trail Exploration

Where Maroon Peak Trail starts you can also choose the road that takes you through Crater Lake Trail. The trail is often not chosen simply because it is not as well-known as Maroon Peak Trail. You can decide to experience it since it offers literally the same charm but with different surroundings. It is really easy to access and covers just 6.4 kilometers. When you are on the trail you quickly figure out why people say Aspen is unique. As with many other trails, you can take your dog with you.

One thing that is not well-known about Crater Lake Trail is that it is the highest recommended Maroon bells Snowmass Wilderness trail. You will hear many birds and will love the breeze that you feel going through your hair. The sun will make your face warm and when you finish you will be surprised by how many pictures you already took.

What Can You Do In Aspen During Summer?