If Ronald Reagan was the “Great Communicator,” then Mitt Romney is the “Great Liar.” How could anyone in his or her right mind want to have as the president of the greatest country on earth a great prevaricator as its leader? Should we forget the wisdom of Mark Twain, “Always tell the truth; then you don’t have to remember anything. When in doubt, tell the truth.” He obviously has forgotten those wise words; or, sadly never learned them.

This man flipped-flopped and told more bald-faced lies than any other candidate has in modern history. It dumbfounds me that no one wants to acknowledge what Romney represents. The news media ignores most of his blatant lies. Per the polls, it is evident that most voters are so ideologically oriented that they wish to ignore the facts.

What does candidate Romney represent? What is his vision? He wishes to return to the utterly destructive and failed policies of George W. Bush. He wants a five trillion dollar tax decrease, yet asserts he desires to balance the budget. A man who never served his country in harm’s way and made sure that no one in his family has either, wants to maintain a hawkish international stance. What is it with the chicken-shit hawks (yeah, I know the proper term in chicken hawk; and, yeah I served as a Vietnam Vet) in this country? He wants to increase defense, yet claims he will balance the budget. He wishes more foreign wars, which means keeping our troops in harm’s way in more places. This at a time when we are so stretched that if another threat area opened, we could not effectively deal with it. He wants a Cold War defense policy; however, we are past the first decade of the new century. Most defense experts acknowledge that what we need in our defense arsenal is rapid-response; and, not a fixed-asset missile reaction. Shame on John McCain and Lindsay Wagner, who are both keenly aware of this, yet brazenly support Romney as a candidate strong on defense. He wants nation building overseas to continue when we desperately need it in the homeland. He wants an immigration policy popular in the early 80’s. He thinks that as a country we should punish children born of illegal immigrants and deprive them of any citizenship rights.

This man thinks children should borrow from their parents to fund a university or community college education. Yet, stresses that without a change to the education system we will not be able to equip the nation’s workers with the skills and knowledge for future and permanent employment. In bold, he wants to return the funding of education to the banks. The same banks that have created more student loan debt than credit card and auto loan debt combined. He wants to voucher Medicare and shift Medicaid so severely that the elderly would not be able to remain in nursing homes. He wishes to deregulate Wall Street again, so we can suffer another Great Recession. Fully cognizant that it would swell the pockets of the one-per centers. He thinks the auto bailout should have never happened. Ironically, per The Nation, Romney and his wife allegedly made millions through their investments in the hedge fund Elliott Management, which held a stake in the auto bailout recipient Delphi Automotive. Per the source, the return on this investment amounted to more than 3,000 percent.

While not a president who honored all of his promises (is there such a president in modern history?), Barack Obama has helped the country emerge from the worst recession since the Great Depression. Has it cost the country money? You bet! However, people like to forget that when Ronald Reagan took office the country had a $110 billion debt. When he left, the debt was $3.4 trillion. Yes, he is the first president that employed trickle-down economics that the hard right advocates is the correct national policy. W. used the same policies and we went from the Clinton surplus to a $10 trillion debt. Historically, wherever implemented trickle down has never worked; and, does not work in the USA except for the one per-center.

This country unequivocally needs rebuilt. The choice is clear. If you want a country of oligarchs, then vote for Mitt Romney. If you want a country that lines the pockets of the few and forces the many to suffer, vote for Mitt Romney. If you want to rebuild the country from the middle-class out, then vote for Obama. This vote will change the wealth-distribution curve in a positive way for many and not just a few. In conclusion, we must remember the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “unfettered capitalism leads to corruption.” Romney, like our last Republican president George W. Bush, wants unregulated private enterprise. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presedinte al Romaniei Election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years.


The Great Liar